fanfiction by laronmi

Welcome to an archive of pretty much every fanfic I've ever written that's been published in one form or another. I primarily split my stuff between AO3 and Dreamwidth, but there have been occasional bits and pieces left behind in various kink memes and comments. Bear with me as I try to hunt down anything I can remember.

I host almost nothing on this site itself. Between AO3 and Dreamwidth, I'm feeling pretty secure about where my fic is. If I ever get the feeling one or both of those sites are going to die, though, I'll back them here. Until then, this is just a list of (hopefully) all the stuff I've written since roughly 2012.



2020 September 05
More P5 fics. Moved P4 to Other because my P5 fic writing has gotten out of control and needed it's own page.

2020 February 15
Even more P5 fics! god help me

2020 January 28
Added a ton of P5 fics. ShuAke has eaten my brain :U

2020 January 11
Added another Vesperia fic and gave Persona its own section

2020 January 7
Added a FE3H fic and another Vesperia fic.

2019 April 19
I have the site up! This is going to take some work. None of the links work yet, whoops.



My name is LaLa. I've been writing fanfiction since about 2002. For better or worse, all of my fanfic from the first 8-10 years have been deleted, lost to the archives of the internet somewhere. I took a long break for about four years from writing fanfiction. Then I got the urge again, and while my volume and pace have slowed down immensely, I've been doing it semi-consistently since 2011.

I used to be known as Violet408, then Mare Serenitatis, then Shonoshi Akumu, then Laronmi. Now I go equally by Laronmi and Papersandals. Papersandals tends to be fandom focused, where as Laronmi is just me.

I previously dabbled in the Golden Sun and Fire Emblem fandoms. In fact, Golden Sun was my first fandom! These days I'm loitering around Persona 5.

I ship. A lot. Threesomes are my critical weakness. I ship the popular slash pairings with the hot dudes, the popular ladies who needs to ditch the dudes, a lot of m/f main canon pairing stuff, and everything else in between. I like knight/prince(ss) dynamics, am a huge sucker for people learning how to trust, and adore rivals who want the same thing but have different ideas on how to get there.

I mostly write humor. Gen and pairing stuff are equally written about. I love found families, and I love characters that might not get a lot of love because they aren't easily shippable.