genshin impact

Title: Lakeside Chat
Characters / Pairings: Venti, Zhongli
Rating: G
Words: <1K
Summary: A conversation between old friends.
Notes: Head canons galore. Watch me get ruthlessly retconned. Spoilers for the end of the Liyue arc.


Title: adventitious
Characters / Pairings: Diluc/Kaeya, Dainsleif is also very present
Rating: PG-13
Words: Roughly 10K
Summary: "It's said the Ley Lines remember all things that happen in this world, from the surface down to the deepest depths..."
"But in the hidden corners where the Gods' gaze does not fall, there are those who dream of dreaming."

There's a dormant bud where Kaeya's eye once was. One day, it will bloom.
(Never forget: memory is untrustworthy.)

Notes: Non-chronological. Eye trauma, body horror, intentional ambiguity, loose interpretation of lore, angst, the works. Written prior to 1.3 and the Dainsleif quest. Incredibly rushed, as I wrote almost 8K of this in two days out of fear of the Dainsleif quest killing my idea. Possibly somewhat unpleasant? I didn't think it was angsty at all, but others may not agree.
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Title: deflagration
Characters / Pairings: Kaeya
Rating: PG
Words: 760-ish
Summary: Some people are ticking time bombs waiting to go off.
Notes: character study???? maybe????? idk i wrote this while sleep deprived.
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Title: anthine
Characters / Pairings: Dainsleif and Diluc. Kaeya is mentioned
Rating: PG
Words: Roughly 2K
Summary: On the nights when Diluc works, Dainsleif only comes in when the tavern is empty.
Notes: idk where I was going with this
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Title: The Art of Lying For Your Nation: A Pocket Guide to Diplomacy
Characters / Pairings: Diluc/Kaeya, ensemble cast, Dainsleif, Jean, Venti
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Khaenri’ah opens its borders for the first time in 72 years, very few people in Mondstadt expect the diplomats they sent to include the heir apparent to the throne. Even fewer people had expected him to be in search of a Mondstadt spouse for the sake of establishing diplomatic ties.

Between the political tension, the Abyss Order, and the alcoholic bard breaking into the cathedral nearly every day, the Knights of Favonius are up to their necks in chaos.

Good thing Diluc’s got nothing to do with any of that.

Notes: A canon divergence AU of sorts, featuring Khaenri'ahn prince Kaeya. I have no idea what I'm doing or how many parts this will be. Probably will be humor with a touch of action-adventure.
While Dreamwidth has more chapters, they are posted unproofread, whereas AO3 has proofread and lightly edited versions.
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Title: meltwater
Characters / Pairings: Kaeya/Diluc
Rating: PG
Words: 2K
Summary: In late spring, the river next to Dawn Winery grew swollen from meltwater.
Notes: A no dialogue warm-up writing exercise that grew into a fic. Written in one sitting. Minor drowning imagery. A bit fluffy, a bit bittersweet.
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