Have a website you want to host somewhere, but free hosts won't cut it? Need someone to host it for you? Well, you can try me.

Since is a brank spanking new website with not a lot of content, I'm willing to host several sites. Of course, you can't just say, "Yo! I need a host. Gimme." For starters, if you're not going to use the space for anything, I have every right to turn you down.

So, here! Some guidelines~!

  1. I will not wait for you to build your content. That means don't ask me to host you if you have nothing to host. Have content, will host. If you're thinking about making a site and want to reserve a spot or whatever, come talk to me about it. Your site doesn't have to be complete, but don't come to me with nothing, either.
  2. I have the right to reject you for hosting. Especially if I find the content to be disagreeable. Unless your site is nothing but porn or whatever, though, I'll probably have no problems with the content. I won't host MP3 rotation sites and the like, though.
  3. Know FTP. Please. It...just makes everything so much easier. If you don't know how to use FTP, I'll be glad to teach you. =D
  4. Be coherent. Don't type in leet, or with numbers instead of letters Oh, wait..., or LiK tHiS. Use English. Proper English. ...Well, as proper as you can get it, at any rate.
  5. Back up your own files. ...Pretty self explanitory, I think.
  6. Know the basics of HTML (and preferably CSS, but.) I am fully willing to help you make a layout if you haven't a clue, but I won't update your site for you. Know enough to be able to keep your site updated and the like, please.

And...that's pretty much it! Hosting is open, so if you want me to host you, ask! My contact information is on the contact page.


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