08 July 2011

New layout! Figured it was time for a change, since the site has had the exact same design for four years. Admittedly, this layout isn't very user-friendly, but then again, who really comes here other than me?


Old News

06 February 2007

Yet another new hostee! Kyarorain's Golden Sun fansite has an excellent collection of fanworks, game information, and humor. A must see for any Golden Sun fan.

05 February 2007

The Laronmi Papers and Laronmi Daily is up! Also, a new hostee! Squeaky and Squawky is webcomic by MaxPilote that features cute, adorable, slightly psychotic kitties. Meow~

04 February 2007

I have a host! =D I'll be moving my sites to the new host, so expect some delays before everything is properly set up. Meanwhile, link to me with this:
The Laronmi Network Button

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