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Need Hosting?

I happily offer free hosting to anyone I know. If I don't know you, I still might host you if you tell me something about what you plan to do with the webspace. Here are some basic guidelines:

  1. I will not wait for you to build your content.
    • That means don't ask me to host you if you have nothing to host. Have content, will host. If you're thinking about making a site and want to reserve a spot or whatever, come talk to me about it. Your site doesn't have to be complete, but don't come to me with nothing, either.
  2. I have the right to reject you for hosting.
    • Especially if I find the content to be disagreeable. Unless your site is nothing but porn or whatever, though, I'll probably have no problems with the content. I won't host MP3 rotation sites and the like, though.
  3. Know FTP. Please.
    • The main method of site maintanence will be FTP. If you need access to an admin panel, talk to me. Keep in mind that "I need to have access to the admin panel to upload these files!" is not a valid reason.
  4. Be coherent.
    • Don't type in leet, or with numbers instead of letters Oh, wait..., or LiK tHiS. It's okay if English isn't your native language, or if you just don't get grammar. All I ask that you don't go out of your way to be annoying.
  5. Back up your own files.
    • ...Pretty self explanitory, I think.
  6. Know the basics of HTML (and preferably CSS)
    • I am willing to help you make a layout if you haven't a clue, but I won't update your site for you. Know enough to be able to keep your site updated and the like, please.

I hold the right to reject your request for reasons not stated. If interested, go to the contact page and send me an e-mail. Please allow up one week for responses. After that time, please send me another one, as that means I've either forgotten about it or never received it.

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