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Title: Fair Use is Fair Play
Characters / Pairings: Estelle/Rita, fictional Flynn/Yuri
Rating: PG-13
Words: 9500
Summary: By complete mistake, Estelle ends up buying a romance novel between two characters that very strongly resemble Flynn and Yuri. Reading about the fictional love life of two of her best friends is already bad enough, but when Estelle learns that the novel has become the latest hit in the empire, she takes it upon herself to let at least Flynn know before he learns from a much less gentle source.
Notes: Takes place about five years after the end of the game. Estelle is 23, and Rita is 20.
Dreamwidth: Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three


Title: Together, We Shine!
Characters / Pairings: Eventual Fluri and Ristelle
Rating: PG
Words: 4568
Summary: A very self-indulgent Tales of Vesperia X Fire Emblem fusion. AKA the cast of TOV in a Fire Emblem-like setting.
Notes: I might turn this into a game. These are just a bunch of disconnected snippets and scenes, most of them super short. Grouped mainly by when they happen in the story, and may not be in chronological order. Title is a riff on Together, We Ride!, probably my favorite reoccurring motif in the series.
Dreamwidth: Chapter One | Chapter Two


Title: One Doggy Evening
Characters / Pairings: Estelle, Repede, Flynn, and Yuri
Rating: G
Words: About 1200
Summary: Estelle discovers a secret about Repede. One that not even Yuri and Flynn know about.
Notes: this is a strong contender for "dumbest thing i ever wrote"


Title: Schrödinger's Partners
Characters / Pairings: Estelle/Rita, Flynn/Yuri
Rating: PG
Words: 3.4K
Summary: It wasn't until Estelle and Rita were compiling the guest list for their wedding that Estelle realized she had no idea whether Flynn and Yuri were just partners or if they were partners.
Notes: A modern AU in which Yuri is a private dick and just kind of a dick in general.
AO3 | Dreamwidth


the rising star of hope verse

Title: Birthday Kisses
Characters / Pairings: Yuri/Flynn, although Yuri will be kissing pretty much everyone by the end
Rating: PG-13
Words: 17745
Summary: Yuri Lowell has a particular quirk where if he gets drunk on his birthday — and only on his birthday — he starts kissing pretty much anyone he knows. The kisses range from platonic forehead smooches to full on make outs, and it's just annoying and embarrassing enough for Yuri to avoid most celebrations people might hold for him on his birthday.
It's too bad that he pissed Flynn off right before his twenty-third.
Notes: This wasn't meant to be the start of a series, but here I am. There is a scrapped version of chapter three that ultimately didn't make it to the final cut.
Dreamwidth: Chapter One & Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four